Who We Are

MayHug is the leader in the lashes industry for haute material and pure ingredients.

We find that the marvelous bond between people often begins with an unintentional glance at each other, so how to decorate this window becomes our proposition. False eyelashes can achieve a natural-looking effect. However, we were inspired to create MayHug by the fact that false eyelash materials on the market are too stiff or of poor quality, and that glue can cause eye irritation and damage to the skin around the eyes. As a beauty brand that cares more about women's beauty than their comfort, we have been on the path of pursuing "comfortable beauty" and "pure beauty".

Frequently Asked Questions(Q&A)

I'm a newbie, why do I always wear false eyelashes unsuccessfully?

Why do I always get false eyelashes that stick in my eyes?

Why can't I get Bond&Seal to stick?

Why do my eyes get red and swollen after using Remover?

  • Professional Team

    Production channels participate in eyelash product quality customized standards, with a large number of patents, exclusive Haute material, strict quality control.

    Cruelty-free, refuse to use animal fur, refuse animal testing.

  • Natural Organic

    Ingredient safety Non-irritant.

    Ingredients passed hript test, heavy metal test. Obtained SDS, MSDS certificate. Natural and organic, anti-allergic and safe.

  • Satisfactory After-sales Service:

    Safe Payments:Transactions are processed with bank-grade security measures.
    Fast Delivery:Delivery within 24-48 hours.
    considerate aftermarket:The product has passed the allergy test, full refund in case of allergy, and a one-year eyelash kit!

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